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Review: Garbo & Kelly Brow Products

Garbo & Kelly makes some of my favourite makeup products that I have tried to date, so it's no surprise that I've been crushing heavily on their brow products as well. Today I thought I would share my thoughts on their entire brow collection, and how I find use for them in my routine.

First, I should mention that I use their products in the shade 'brunette', which I find a perfect match for my medium/dark brown eyebrows.

Brow Perfection Pencil
This is a retractable pencil with a fine tip that is perfect for filling in gaps, enhancing density, and making the tails of your brows longer. I tend to reach for this on an everyday makeup basis as I find it the best product for adding a subtle definition to my brows (I prefer a more natural look most of the time!) It can be easily built up to give brows a bold finish as well. I love the fine tip of this as it allows you to create fine, hair-like strokes, and gives a great natural look. I find this stays in place all day.

Brow Gel
This gel is clear, and can be used after your brow products, to set them down and increase wear time. I love this gel, and will even brush this through bare brows to neaten them and keep them in place. Otherwise, I will apply after my fave brow products, and find it sets my brows and keeps them in place all day, with no stiffness or crunchiness. Love this stuff.

Brow Powder
This product contains a brow powder duo to enable you to create your perfect brow look. One side of the brunette duo is a darker cooler toned powder, while the other is a lighter warmer tone. I tend to reach for this powder when I want a bit more definition than I could achieve with the pencil alone. I use a combo of both shades to create my perfect brow; the darker shade in the outer section and tail, and the lighter at the beginning of my brows. Love how nice and natural it looks in my brows, and I have to say, this is the BEST brow powder I have tried!

Top to Bottom: Brow Pencil, Brow Powder 1 and 2, and Brow Pomade (Brunette)

Brow Pomade
This is the baby I reach for when I want to pull out all of the stops. This full coverage, smudge proof pomade is super easily to work with, and ultra creamy. It's great for filling gaps and creating defined, full brows. I generally follow with the brow gel to make sure it stays put all day, but even if I don't, it lasts so long on my brows!

Garbo & Kelly also offer brow brushes to give you the tools you need to create professional looking brows. I love their brushes for their amazing quality, and I have been reaching for them over my other branded brushes!


Garbo & Kelly make amazing quality products and I highly recommend trying them out if you get the chance!

You can pick them up from their website, from Adore Beauty, or from RY!


  1. Somehow I haven't managed to have heard of these guys before! I really need to investigate more into my brow products! I literally think I've got maybe, 4? If that haha. Although 2 of them I love.

  2. i recently purchased the brow pencil and was really disappointed as the lid on the pencil end was stuck on so tight. In trying to get it off half the pencil casing pulled out and will not sit back in flush, had to place lid lightly back on. Thought I'd it give it a second go the next day and when i took off the lid, the pencil product slipped out and broke. Ah!