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Review: Rimmel Brow This Way + Volume Shake Mascara

Rimmel has certainly been launching some innovative makeup lately, and I am loving their latest offerings. Today I wanted to talk about their Brow This Way Filling Powder and Volume Shake Mascara; two products that have really shaken (pun intended) up the beauty world!

Brow This Way Filling Powder
The Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powder is a lightweight powder to fill and define brows and line the eyes. The instructions state to shake before open, to disperse the powder onto the soft thin applicator inside the tube. This applicator is what you use to draw along your brows and fill them in. This product took a slight learning curve to master, in that you have to make sure you tap off the excess powder on the brush before going in to your brows, or powder will go everywhere. I find it also essential to tap off the excess as the powder is intensely pigmented and you will end up with severe un-natural looking brows. An alternative to using the application included is to take a small angled brush as I find it allows you to totally control how much product you get. With careful application it is possible to get perfectly defined brows.
One thing I love about this powder is that once you have applied it, it does not smudge, and stays all day long. It is fade, smudge, transfer & waterproof so brows stays fixed all day and all night!
This innovative brow powder comes in four shades; including 004 Soft Black, 003 Dark Brown, 002 Medium Brown and 001 Light Brown. I find the shade Medium Brown a great shade match for my medium brunette brows, albeit a tad warm.

Swatches of Brow This Way Medium Brown Powder

Volume Shake Mascara
The Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara with first-to-market, patented 'Shake-Shake' technology will last 2x longer than your normal mascara, offering fresher quality from the first to the last use!
This water-gel mascara is a water/wax combo formula, that goes from dry to creamy when the cylindrical agitator is activated by shaking. When you feel like the formula is drying up, simply shake it a few times, and the formula will be refreshed!
This mascara has a wet formula, and is very black and pigmented. It adds volume but doesn't separate very much or add too much length. It lasts all day without smudging on me, and removes easily at the end of the day.
I think this mascara is better for those that prefer a more natural mascara effect, and less for those that like a dramatic look!


I am loving these new releases from Rimmel. Hope this review helps you decide what to spend your money on!

You can purchase these Rimmel goodies from Priceline, or anywhere that stocks Rimmel!

*Products provided for consideration, opinions as always honest and my own.

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