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An introduction to ARTDECO cosmetics

I recently got my hands on a whole heap of product from ARTDECO to test out, and I thought what better way to introduce you to ARTDECO than with a whole heap of mini reviews of their products? Keep reading to see the kind of products ARTDECO create, and my thoughts on them!

ARTDECO was founded 30 years ago by Helmut Baurecht in Germany, and is now available in 78 countries, including Australia! Helmut Baurecht founded the cosmetic label ARTDECO in 1985, inspired by a love of beauty, an innovative concept and a great vision. With the idea of offering high-quality cosmetics at an affordable price, he wanted to make beauty accessible to all women and create unparalleled products.

ARTDECO value first-class quality without compromise - at an affordable price. Using selected ingredients, they develop luxurious textures that comply with the latest technological standards. High-quality, artistic packaging perfects their products.

  • Scandalous Lashes Mascara
This mascara does such a good job at adding volume and length to my lashes. The thick wand means I have to apply carefully so I don't get it all over my eyelid, but the care taken is so worth it. My lashes hold their curl all day, and this mascara doesn't flake, run, or smudge! It also removes easily.
  • Lash and Line Duo
This duo of mascara and kohl eyeliner is fabulous! Having both products contained in the one product is so convenient, and very travel friendly. The kohl eyeliner is smooth, creamy and pigmented, allowing you to create a bold line, or smoke it out for a smoky eye look. The eyeliner can even be applied all over the lid and blended like an eyeshadow. The mascara is similar to the Scandalous Lashes mascara in that it gives great volume and length, but I find this one easier to work with as it has a thinner wand, which I prefer in a mascara. This duo is available in four different colours, and is a product I would highly recommend.

  • Gel Cream for Brows
This pomade is perfect for creating a defined brow and filling in any sparse areas. Once dry this gel cream is set all day and is smudge proof and waterproof. I reach for this over a pencil/powder if I am wanting a super defined brow, instead of a more natural brow.
  • Brow Duo
This brow duo contains a powder and a pencil to create gorgeous, natural looking brows. I use the pencil to define and line around my brows, and then use the powder to fill in sparse areas. The powder also gives the brows a fuller look, which I love. The powder applicator is super soft and makes applying the powder super easy, while the pencil glides onto the skin effortlessly. This has become one of my favourite brow products due to how easy it is, and how convenient it is to have both products in one.

  • Repair and Care Lip Oil
I have really been enjoying applying a lip oil at the beginning of my makeup application, so it has time to absorb before I apply a lipstick or gloss. This lip oil feels like more than an oil on the lips, it is nourishing and repairing. It is a clear formula and feels super lightweight on the lips, while providing a super shiny finish.
  • Soft Lip Liner
These liners are super creamy and opaque, which makes application a breeze. They set, with a finish that is waterproof and wipe-resistant. They do not bleed, and are available in a wide range of colours, making these some of the best liners I have tried.
  • Lipsticks: Perfect Mat and High Performance Formulas
I have tried both the perfect mat and high performance formulas, and I definitely prefer the high performance formula. The perfect mat is a great comfortbale, long wearing matte lipstick, but the high performance formula is such so gorgeous and unique to any other lipstick I have tried. It is super pigmented, with a super moist, shiny finish that makes your lips look so juicy. It contains Maxi LipTM; a patented formula to make your lips appear visibly plumped and smoother, and erase fine lines and soft wrinkles. I love how comfortable this feels on the lips too!

  • Blush Couture
This is truly one of the most unique blushes I have ever seen. The packaging and embossing is truly beautiful, and is a must for any makeup collector. The product inside is just as beautiful. It contains three shades; a soft earthy tone, a mauvy red and an elegant nude, that can be used alone or mixed together. I use a mix of all three and find it the perfect rosy shade for skin that looks like a natural flush to the cheeks. It isn't a matte finish, and instead provides a sheen to the cheeks which I love. This is definitely a loved new addition to my blush collection. 
  • Bronzing Powder Compact
This bronzer has been one of my go to's lately. It is a duo of two shades; a lighter matte shade and a darker shade with light shimmer, which when mixed together, create the perfect bronze shade for my pale skin. It blends easily with no muddiness, and best thing of all, is available in four different shades to match most skin tones. Plus, look how pretty that embossing is?!

  • Golden Bronze Oil Drops
This stuff is summer in a bottle. It can be used anywhere; added in foundation, on body, or ends of hair. I love putting this on my collarbones to make them glow and pop! The lightweight texture of these drops makes them perfect for use on your face as well. The light shimmer and soft bronze shade adds warmth and glow to the skin, which I feel is great for any occasion.
  • Art Couture Nail Lacquer
I received this in a gorgeous red shade, and love how opaque it is after only one coat. The brush allows you to apply the polish quickly and precisely, and it has a quick drying time, which is essential for someone like me that smudges her polish all the time!


The above is just a sample of all that ARTDECO sells. They also sell foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, skincare and more!

In Australia, ARTDECO is sold in selective pharmacies such as Terry White Chemists, Amcal, Chempro, Pharmacy Alliance, Capital Chemist, and Guardian.

*Product provided for consideration, opinions as always my own.

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