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Review: ANTHEIA Fake Tan Remover KIT

If you are an avid self tanner like I am, I am sure you have at least once experienced a time when your fake tan developed too dark or uneven, or became old and patchy. Patchy, uneven tan can be the hardest thing to remove, so I am glad to have recently discovered Antheia; the world's first express fake tan remover.

Antheia's fake tan remover kit is a safe and natural way to remove your fake tan with no harsh scrubbing, no harsh chemicals or harmful micro beads. Antheia is a simple spritz and wipe formula that removes fake tan from your desired areas in minutes. Antheia is packed with the highest quality botanical extracts such as Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Orange Oil, Argan Oil and Acai Berry. There are no parabens or sulfates, no harsh preservatives, no artificial colours and the product is cruelty free.

ANTHEIA kit contains everything you need for THREE full body removals, including:
  • 1 x ANTHEIA Express Tan Remover Base with Acai Berry & Aloe Vera Extract (120ml)
  • 1 x REMOVE IT Spray Bottle
  • 3x REMOVE IT Sachets
  • 1 x ANTHEIA Liquid Micro Peel with Organic Chamomile & Argan Leaf Extract (75ml)
  • 1 x ANTHEIA Muslin Removal Cloth
  • 1 x ANTHEIA Buffer
  • 1 x ANTHEIA Waterproof Travel Bag

Antheia’s revolutionary two-step REMOVE and RESTORE process uses a sophisticated blend of non-harmful, active ingredients and botanical extracts to effectively dissolve fake tan pigment and balance the skin’s natural moisture.

The two simple steps include:

1. Combine one REMOVE IT sachet and the Express Tan Remover Base in the provided empty bottle and shake well. Spray onto desired areas on skin, wait two minutes, then wipe clean with the provided muslin cloth.
2. Massage the Liquid Micro Peel into skin to remove any remain fake tan and dead skin cells. This step also restores the skin's pH levels and moisture levels, and is a perfect pre tanning preparation tool.

This kit was a lot of fun to use, and made me feel like a chemist mixing up the products before use! It was easier than I thought it would be to use, and a lot more effective. It's incredible to wipe your skin with the muslin cloth and literally see the tan coming off. I recommend working in sections ie: one body part at a time, so the solution remains damp on your skin when you go to wipe it off, as it is more effective than when you try to wipe it off dry.

I love that this kit not only removes the tan but also preps my skin for future fake tan application. My skin feels so soft and smooth after the micro peel, and is hydrating and glowing. This kit can not only be used to remove fake tan, but also can be used to lighten a tan that is a shade too dark, which I think is genius.

At $55 for 3 applications, this kit may not be the cheapest, but to me, being able to effortlessly remove my patchy tan is priceless.

You can shop Antheia here, or now at Priceline!

*Product provided for consideration, opinions as always my own.

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