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Review: Freezeframe Beauty

I recently received a bundle of products to test out from Freezeframe, and I have been loving them so much that I had to share my thoughts! Keep reading to see what I thought about Freezeframe Beauty, and the products I recommend.

"Created to satisfy the new woman’s need for both clinical strength treatments & instant gratification, the Freezeframe brand provides instant effects whilst allowing women to simultaneously treat their underlining beauty problems and achieve progressive long term results.
Bursting with innovation through our new product pipeline, Freezeframe sets itself aside from the beauty pack with first to market innovations and a fresh approach to every product offering. The words breakthough, revolutionary, unique and new are synonymous with the Freezeframe brand, and each launch is supported by powerful marketing campaigns to create excitement and drive sales."

Freezeframe is a brand that I have long heard about, but never tried. As a woman in her mid twenties, I find that my skin has aged faster than I think it should have by this age, probably due to my chronic health issues. I have been obsessed lately with anti-ageing products that will help improve my skin condition while also preventing future damage, so I had to try out Freezeframe's anti-ageing offerings!

Night Cream
This famous NIGHT cream has been reinvented to include not 1, but 2 alternatives to doctor administered injections, with results clinically proven to visually match those of injections - topical line filling equivalent to a collagen injection and topical wrinkle freezing with visible results rivalling Botox Injections.
This night cream is super nourishing and hydrating, but not greasy in the slightest. It is perfect for my dry acne prone skin. I wake up each morning with my skin looking plump and glowing, after applying it to my entire face. I find that it also makes a great makeup base, due to its light and silky texture. Makeup looks perfect over the top!

Boost Serum
This clear fragrance free serum is pure active peptide with minimal carriers or lipids, so it is absorbed instantly, allowing the active ingredient to go straight to work. Freezeframe BOOST's dual action roller ball applicator gently massages, soothes and cools the skin - not only does this feel great, it brings circulation to the area, enhancing penetration of this powerful serum even further beneath the skin's surface.
First of all, I have never experienced a product with an airless pump and a rollerball end! It makes it easier to disperse the perfect amount of product, while also enabling you to massage the product into the skin. I use this serum on any fine lines, or all over my face if I'm feeling indulgent! I find the rollerball feels great on my under eyes, and helps with any puffiness. I use this straight after cleansing, on a dry face, and follow with my moisturiser. This serum is light and absorbs into the skin quickly, without leaving greasy or sticky residue.

For chronic puffiness, serious dark circles and deep wrinkles; RevitalEYES clinical eye repair treats them all with instant and long term results. 3 Power Peptides plus vitamin C instantly erase signs of aging, stress and fatigue, whilst at the same time performing a deep and long lasting anti-wrinkle, anti puffiness and anti-dark circle action. Peptide Technology 1 - The alternative to an eye lift which assists to cut out puffiness and eye droops without a scalpel. Peptide Technology 2 - Helps to rub out the appearance of dark circles like an eraser. This anti circle peptide also assists to reduce the appearance blue and red colouring which can be present even when you've slept a good eight hours. Peptide Technology 3 - The Botox® Alternative which helps to reduce the appearance of expression wrinkles. A staple ingredient in the freezeframe range, this powerful peptide technology helps to relax expression wrinkles so effectively, you can see a visible reduction in not only fine lines, but also in deep wrinkles.
RevitalEYES also contains a safe, gentle tissue tightening agent which helps lifts away mild to moderate lines and wrinkles as well as puffiness within 10 minutes to an hour. This instant lift, combined with the energising and brightening effect of vitamin C, and the moisture infusions of hyaluronic acid, provides an effect on wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles from day 1.
This is my new staple eye cream! It is a clear thick gel that leaves my under eyes hydrated and my fine lines plumped. I find this so effective I kind of want to use it all over my face. I find it hard to find an eye cream that doesn't cause milia, but this one passes the test! I want to stock up on this so I don't run out!

Revitaleyes Mask
Provides a power treatment for all 3 signs of eye aging, that instantly melts away wrinkles and brightens and tightens the whole eye area. Instant Flash Effect: You'll see up to 50% of your wrinkles gone by the time you take this incredible mask off. Our topical micro injection technology delivers a double dose of anti wrinkle action with both a muscle freezing and a topical filling effect. Eyes are also brighter, lifted and look more awake, with light diffusing technology providing a visible decrease in puffiness and dark circles. These incredible instant results last up to 24 hours - so you won't have a Cinderella moment. Long Term Clinical Results: Each treatment delivers a power surge of Revitaleyes' famous tri-peptide action on deep wrinkles, chronic puffiness and serious dark circles, infusing the entire eye area with a triple dose of this proven age fighting technology.
This comes in a box with enough for four uses, with each mask containing the power of an entire bottle of Revitaleyes! These masks are perfect for when you have a special event, or just want to treat yourself. I have been using one a week to relax, and I have to say these are definitely the best eye masks I have ever tried. I pop these on and leave for at least 20 minutes, and by the time I remove them my undereyes are plump, my fine lines minimised, and my skin feels nourished and moisturised. The patches fit the eyes well and don't slide around, enabling you to walk around and move, without worrying that they will fall off. They feel cooling and soothing, and leave my skin hydrated and looking bright. I need to pick more of these up!


My skin hasn't looked as great as it does now, for the longest time, and I have these Freezeframe products to thank! I use and love all four products, and find that they have all contributed equally to the difference I have see in the appearance of fine lines, hydration and plumpness of my skin. All products are fragrance free, which I really appreciate, as minimal/zero fragrance is really what is best for the skin. I of course can't comment on the botox/filler like effects as I only have fine lines, not wrinkles, but I highly recommend trying these products out to see if they work for you too!

You can purchase Freezeframe Beauty products from Priceline!

*Product provided for consideration, opinions as always my own.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I've been so curious about the results and after reading this I really want to try the eye cream :)