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At Home Pampering with APSU's Funaya Body Range

There is nothing more relaxing in life than heading to a spa retreat for the day and being pampered from head to toe. Unfortunately though, most people can't find the time or money to dedicate to a whole day at the spa, so a DIY option is the next best option. The upside to at-home pampering is you can do it any time that works for you. Got a spare twenty minutes? Lock yourself in the bathroom and run a bath, and grab some luxurious bath goodies like those from APSU's Funaya range to pamper yourself with.

APSU's Funaya range contains a variety of bath and body products that have been influenced by the serene and sacred Japanese communal bathing ritual that is Onsen. I received a few products from the Funaya range and wanted to share how I have been using these to create 'me-time' and pamper my body.

Onsen Bath Bomb
A stress-reducing ritual as old as time itself takes on new life. Drop one or two of these scented effervescent handfuls into your tub at home. Now begins bliss: inspired by the healing waters of Dogo Onsen, the combined mineral properties of Volcanic Clay and Himalayan Salt aid in increasing circulation and reducing toxins in the body, thereby relieving stress. Hinoki, Juniper and Citrus oils promote relaxation and ease tension.
While not the prettiest bath bomb I have tried on my life (it turns bath water brown), this bath bomb leaves your skin feeling hydrated, renewed, and your mind serene. This bath bomb smells herbal and heavenly, and is the perfect product to end your day with.

Onsen Charcoal And Hinoki Body Bar
Lather yourself in the purifying properties of Bamboo Charcoal paired with Hinoki Oil from the ‘Emperor of Woods’. Coconut Oil and Bamboo Charcoal absorb the skin’s impurities whilst Olive Oil and Shea Butter leave the skin feeling supple and nourished. Hinoki, the prized oil, provides top notes of fragrant woody forests and soothes and protects via it renowned anti-bacterial properties. Juniper and Citrus energize and revitalize.
Charcoal as an ingredient in a soap is new to me, and I expected the soap to therefore be drying on the skin, but it wasn't! It was actually really hydrating and felt luxurious on the skin. While being hydrating, it actually still felt like it cleansed my skin properly. This bar was heaven on my dry skin, and delightful to my nose due to its citrusy scent. Also, I can't forget to mention that the soap has a marbled appearance, which is very on-trend right now.

Onsen Body Butter
Let the incredible properties of Murumuru butter, rich in vitamins and essential acids, be absorbed into your skin helping to restore elasticity and suppleness. It’s the wonder-butter that makes everything better, and the perfect follow up to an Onsen soak and scrub. It feels even better than it sounds.
This body butter is thick and rich, but surprisingly not greasy on my skin. I can see it being too heavy for some people, but it is perfect for my super dry skin, which has been lapping it up! I slather myself in this post shower/bath and it keeps my skin hydrated all day. Plus, it smells like citrus herbal paradise.


I am in love with APSU's Funaya range and each time I use these products, I really feel like I'm pampering my body and treating it with such care and love. I love these products and their packaging so much.

APSU products are available from their website, here.

*Product provided for consideration, opinions as always my own.

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