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Review: Elucent Whitening Skincare Range

Who doesn't want brighter, healthier, more even-toned skin?! Elucent's Whitening range is infused with a combination of ingredients that work together to help maximize the brightness of the skin. The powerful antioxidants help reduce uneven skin tone leaving the skin looking younger, brighter and feeling silky smooth!

Elucent's range comes packaged in sleek blue, white, and silver packaging which would look great displayed in any bathroom. Their products contain many skin loving ingredients that have been proven to brighten and improve the skin's appearance.

Some of the ingredients included in Elucent's Whitening range include:

Vitamin E - Helps the skin maintain its normal barrier function, Helps promote skin elasticity, Antioxidant.

Vitamin C - Helps brighten the skin, Helps visibly reduce pigmentation, Antioxidant

Vitamin B3 - Helps promote a more even complexion, Helps promote an even skin tone, Antioxidant

Safflower Seed Oil - Helps promotes brighter looking skin, Helps visibly reduce pigmentation, Moisturising and soothing

Phyllanthus Emblica Fruit Extract - Helps improve skin tone, Helps promotes brighter looking skin, Antioxidant

I was lucky enough to be recently sent the entire range of Elucent's Whitening Skincare range, and was curious to see if it would leave my skin looking brighter, more hydrated and with an more even complexion. Keep reading on to see my thoughts on the entire Whitening range by Elucent!

Exfoliating Cleanser
This exfoliating cleanser is one of the most crucial elements of the Whitening range as it increases skin turnover so younger, brighter, skin can emerge. Although this product is designed to be used daily, I find that my sensitive skin cannot handle daily exfoliation, so I stuck to using this a few times a week, as an exfoliant product. This cleanser is quite liquidy but feels creamy on the skin. It has a slight shimmer to it, but nothing that is noticeable on the skin when you rinse it off. This contains really fine exfoliating beads that don't leave the skin irritated, but still leaves my skin feeling exfoliated. I find that it foams up and remove makeup and daily grime well from my face, and when rinsed off, my face feels clean but not stripped. Love this!

Day Moisturiser SPF 30
I have the hardest time finding moisturisers with SPF that suit my skin. The ingredients are either too harsh and not compatible with my skin, or it isn't moisturising enough for my dry skin and I start feeling like the lizard man. Well, I'm excited to say that this moisturiser has passed the test and has been welcomed into my very small SPF family. SPF is a daily essential for me, and should be for everyone that is concerned about skin health, preventing skin damage (which leads to skin spots, wrinkles, and other skin issues), and wrinkle prevention. This SPF 30 product is perfect for my dry skin. It is thick and moisturising, but not greasy, and leaves my skin feeling comfortable all day. I prefer to use a generous amount of this to make sure I am getting sufficient SPF protection, and it still doesn't leave my skin feeling oily and suffocated, plus it works well under makeup.

Night Moisturiser
This moisturiser is thick and rich and my dry skin slurps it up. I prefer to use this over the top of my night serums and love how I wake up with my skin still feeling hydrated and plump after I use this. I love how although this is thick, it doesn't feel greasy or too much on the skin. It also hasn't caused any breakouts on my acne-prone skin.

Eye Cream
I have really been enjoying this eye cream morning and night. It has a thin texture that absorbs quickly into my eye area and doesn't leave it feeling heavy. It hydrates the area nicely, and is fragrance free which I appreciate. I am extremely prone to developing milia when I use eye creams, but have not experienced that with this. Yay!

Spot Corrector
This light, thin lotion is something I have actually been using on my hands, as I don't currently have any super dark areas on my face thankfully. I have been applying this to my hands daily and notice that the skin is looking healthier and hydrated, and brighter, but I need to give it longer to see if it works on the pigmentation on my hands. Keep you updated!

Hand Cream
This hand cream came at the perfect time, as my poor hands have been suffering now that the cold weather has hit in Australia. It is super hydrating, but not greasy, and is the perfect size for popping in a bag when you are on the go. My cuticles and hands have definitely looked healthier since I began using this!

I have really enjoyed using the Whitening range by Elucent and definitely feel that it has left my skin feeling and looking healthier and brighter. I also feel like my skin tone is more even, which is amazing. I will definitely keep using these products.


Elucent can be purchased from Chemist Warehouse!

For more info on Elucent, check out their website here.

*Products provided for consideration, thoughts and opinions as always are my own.

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