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My Physicians Formula Compact Collection

When I was going through my collection recently to organise it, I realised that I actually own quite a few Physician's Formulas compact products, acquired through PR or purchased by myself. So I thought I would share which Physician's Formula products I own, and my thoughts on each!


I own both the infamous Butter Bronzer in light, and the Season to Season Bronze Booster in Light to Medium. You can't go wrong with either bronzer, honestly. The Season to Season Bronzer has a more noticeable shimmer component to it, but both bronzers give a luminous, but not glittery appearance to the skin. Both bronzers are best suited to those with light/medium skin tones, and I feel like they wouldn't show up much on darker skin tones.
The Season to Season bronzer is unique in that it contains four different shades that you can use depending on your current skin tone, or mix together as I prefer to do. As for colour, the Season to Season bronzer pulls slightly warmer than the Butter Bronzer, but both bronzers look great on my pale skin. Both are buildable, blend seamlessly into skin, and aren't orange!
Oh and I can't forget scent! If you are sensitive to scent, go for the Season to Season Bronzer. If you aren't, the Butter Bronzer smells like a tropical paradise and I guarantee you will find yourself reaching for it just to smell it!


I only own one Physicians Formula blush currently; the Argan Wear Blush in Rose. This is one of the prettiest blushes I own, and I was hesitant to even use it because I dodn't want to mess up the embossing! This blush comes with a glitter overspray, which I recommend removing with a tissue before going in and applying it to your cheeks. It is easily removed and will prevent a glitter bomb effect happening on all the wrong places on your face. I was a bit intimidated as it is a darker shade than I typically wear on my pale skin, but as long as I go in with a light hand, this adds the perfect flush to my cheeks. Definitely a staple in my collection.


I own the Mineral Glow Pearls in Beige Pearl, and the Shimmer Strips in both Warm Nude and Natural Nude.

The Mineral Glow Pearls product comes with a glitter overspray over most of the product, so the product you are getting is quite different to what you see. Once you remove the overspray, you are left with a natural colour similar to Becca's Opal, but much more subtle, and more of a sheen compared to the high reflection of Opal. This would be great for those with medium skin tones to use as a natural everyday highlighter, while I use it more as a bronzer as it is too dark for my pale skin (it leaves a noticeable dark strip on my cheekbone). It is gorgeous as a shimmery bronzer, and less of a highlighter for me, even thought that's how it is marketed.

I love the Shimmer Strips by Physicians Formula and honestly believe that they are one of the best products you can pick up at the drugstore. They are designed to be a multipurpose product that can be used as a blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, highlighter, or all over to give a glow. I love that I can take this little box with me and in it is enough to do my whole face. I would recommend the Natural Nude compact to those with pale skin as it has lighter shades and is more suited to pale skin, while the Warm Nude compact has deeper and warmer shades. Both are wearable on my skin though. If you are looking for a decent drugstore highlight, I recommend the lightest shades in these are they are so pigmented!


So there you have it! My entire Physicians Formula collection. I hope it helps you decide which products would be best suited to you.

*Mixture of products purchased by me/ provided for consideration. Opinions as always my own.

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  1. I really like the look of the Physician's Formula products but find them to be a bit overpriced for my liking. I think I'll wait until the next Priceline sale and try out that bronzer and blush because they do look lush!