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Review + Discount: Dessata Detangling Brush

One thing I don't seem to feature very often on this blog is hair brushes, and I'm not sure why. The right hair brush can make the biggest difference in detangling knots, creating shine, and maintaining hair health. So, today I am sharing my thoughts on a brush I was recently sent; Dessata's Maxi Detangling Brush, and why I am loving it.

Dessata's Maxi Brush is a new detangling brush featuring three different lengthened bristles, to detangle hair up to 16% quicker, without effort and without the need of using other products. Dessata has been designed to not pull or break hair, and is perfect to use on all hair types, including hair extensions!

Dessata Maxi's handle-less design is unique and allows it to cradle in your hair, allowing for greater strength and control while brushing. As someone with fine hair, I experience hair breakage a lot and anything that can reduce it is welcomed! I have found this brush great for my hair, gently detangling knots in my wet or dry hair, while reducing static and leaving my hair looking shiny.

Another thing I appreciate about this detangling brush is its symmetrical design. This makes it perfect for left AND right handed people, and as a fellow lefty, I appreciate this. Unless you are left handed, you don't realise just how many things are designed for right handed people!

Dessata offers a large range of different detangling brushes, from different colours, prints, mini brushes, to even coconut scented brushes! I received a Maxi brush in coral/purple, which is gorgeous and bright, and easy to find in my bag when travelling!

Dessata's Maxi brushes retail for $29.95, but enter the code BLOG15 at checkout for 15% off. ;)

Head to Dessata's website here.


Product provided for consideration, opinions as always my own.

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