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Review: Go-To Skincare

Go-To Skincare is a brand that has been on my radar for quite a long time, so when I was lucky enough to get my hands on a whole bunch of their stuff (Thanks, Go-To!) I was super excited and knew I had to share my thoughts with you guys now that I have had a chance to fully try them out.

Go-To is an Australian skin care company that makes uncomplicated, effective, cruelty-free, natural skin care. It was founded by Australian beauty editor and the author of Amazing Face, Zoë Foster Blake, who has been in the beauty industry for 213 years, and is the result of years spent reviewing and using every kind of skin care product available, from supermarket to spa brands, and receiving invaluable feedback from women on what they like, don't like, and find utterly baffling about the products they use on their skin.

The ingredients are pure but powerful; harnessing the benefits of nature to genuinely protect, nourish and strengthen the skin, ensuring it is healthy, happy and glowing.

Go-To is skin care minus the confusion
. There are no irritants or nasties, no faux-science ("Now with added Wrinkleflickatox™ and Moisturemagic® particles!") and no silly claims.

Properly Clean

Properly Clean is a foamy mousse cleanser that is so much fun to use. This cleanser removes all the gunk from the day off my face, and gently, which is a rare find in a cleanser. I don't find this cleanser to break me out, or dry my skin out. It just effectively cleanses, and leaves me feeling clean. Also, using this smells like dunking your face in my most delicious smelling fruits, which I am definitely not opposed to.

Face Hero

This lightweight oil is definitely a product to consider if your skin has been feeling drier coming into winter. Packed with plant and nut oils, it is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and anti-oxidants, as well as anti-inflammatory properties and nourishment. I generally add this to my face moisturiser, or apply a few drops directly to my face before I moisture, massaging into my skin with my fingertips. This is definitely a multi-use product that I have been reaching for to add nourish to dry areas such as cuticles, around my eyes, and to the ends of my hair. Love it!

Very Useful Face Cream

This face cream squeezes out of the tube with a thick, heavy consistency (likely due to the shea butter), but melts immediately upon impact with skin, leaving skin feeling hydrated with its lightweight texture. The high oil content of the this face cream makes it perfect for those with dry skin, or those of you that are feeling your skin change with the cooling weather. I have used this as a base for makeup, under sunscreen, and find it works great. It also is great to slather your skin in before you head to bed.

Lips! + Pink Nudey Lips

These lip balms have been adorning my lips constantly since I received them. I have ultra dry lips and must be constantly applying lip balm otherwise they feel like they will shrivel up and die. Although super thick in the tube, Lips and Pink Nudey Lips melt instantly on the lips and turn into a lightweight balm that truly nourishes, protects and conditions. Natural pomegranate is added to provide a delicious fruity taste, and ultra medical grade lanolin, nourishing apricot kernel, avocado, almond, evening primrose, vitamin E and jojoba oils, amongst others rescue dry, cracked lips, and perfectly condition happy, healthy ones.
Lips! is a clear balm, while Pink Nudey Lips provides lips with a natural pinky nude colour, and SPF 15. Both lip balms are hydrating and lightweight, and not sticky or goopy in the slightest.

Lastly, I can't forget my absolute favourite product from Go-To Skincare, which isn't actually a skincare product. Confused?

Let me introduce you to Face Case.

Face Case

Face Case is a pillowcase made of silk, and is definitely a necessary investment if you want to get serious about beauty, and keeping your skin looking youthful.
Silk pillowcases have so many skin benefits! Since there is no friction, tugging or pulling with silk, your gorgeous face can glide effortlessly over the pillow all night, unlike with cotton (which can cause sleep creases!). Silk pillowcases also 1) keep your hair shiny and frizz-free and 2) won't absorb your skin's natural moisture (or that face cream you applied before bed) as you sleep.
I have noticed the biggest difference in my skin in the mornings after I use this pillowcase (I use it as often as I can, but I have to wash it!). I find that my skin is nowhere near as dry, and doesn't feel like it is tight and about to crack off. I also find my hair feels softer and is less fluffy when I use it. I really need to pick up a couple more of these so I am never without the benefits of silk!


I am obsessed with Go-To skincare, from their adorable peachy and white packaging, to the amazing products encased within them.

You can purchase Go-To products from their website, here.

*Products provided for consideration, opinions are always honest and my own.

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