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Print Photos Straight From Instagram With Printiki!

As I am about to move into my first home (!), I have been thinking about how I am going to decorate it. I thought about getting some photos printed to put into frames, and to display around the home. As fate would have it, I was recently approached by Printiki, a brand I had never heard of but was instantly curious about. Printiki offers a service whereby you can print directly from your phone and have the prints sent straight to your door; I mean how cool is that?!

Printiki is a photo printing service that allows you to select photos from your phone, desktop, or tablet, or even your Instagram, Facebook or camera roll! Once you have selected your pics you have the chance to pick the theme you want, from 'polaroid' style, thinner border, or no border styles. Printiki offer you to print your pics in square, regular (rectangle), or even as a poster!

The photos you print from Printiki are perfect for framing, wall décor, DIYs, scrapbooks and lifestyle posts. You can check out Printiki's Instagram page here for inspiration on how to use your photos.

I found the Printiki creator incredibly easy to use, and loved how I could make an account and add photos to my order as I wanted, saving it and getting back to it when I had time. I also loved how I could access the creator from different devices with my saved progress.

Once I made my order I was surprised at how quickly it arrived in the mail! I love how I now have photos to display in my new home :)

Printiki offers fast, affordable shipping and ships to countries all over the world. Their printing rates are super affordable and the convenience of being able to do it from the comfort of your home means that this is something that I will be utilising a lot in the future.


Printiki is based in Amsterdam but prints locally in Australia and other countries such as the US, UK and Mexico.

*Printiki offered me 30 free prints in exchange for my honest review.

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