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PÜR Cosmetics Glow Together Jumbo Bronzer and Mineral Glow Bronzer Comparison + My Current Fave Eye Base

PÜR Cosmetics is a makeup brand that I currently can't get enough of, as every single product I have tried from their range is simply amazing, and not one product has disappointed me! That is rare in the makeup world, so I have to share more about what I am loving from team PÜR Cosmetics.

I recently got my hands on both of PÜR Cosmetics bronzers, and I thought now that I have had the chance to test them, I should compare them here so you can decide which one is best suited to you, and what makes the most decision for you money-wise. I also wanted to share a product from PÜR Cosmetics that I have been loving using as an eye base.

Glow Together Jumbo Bronzer vs Mineral Glow Bronzer

I know that both bronzers look different in the pan, but when applied to the skin and when swatched they are quite similar. Both are described as having a matte-shimmer, which I take to mean that they add a glow to the face without being over the top shimmery, and I agree with. Both bronzers leave the skin with a gorgeous bronze glow that is neither matte nor pure glitter. They both apply and blend into the skin easily, without any patchiness or muddiness. I feel that both bronzers are best suited to a light to medium skin tone, and would not be very visible on dark skin tones.

Now for the differences! For starters, the Glow Together Jumbo Bronzer is much bigger than the Mineral Glow, and as both bronzers retail for a similar price, the size of this makes it a slightly better investment. However, if you are a frequent traveller, you may prefer the Mineral Glow (which is even available in a mini size!), as the Jumbo Bronzer is too large, in my opinion, to pack.
The Glow Together Bronzer also contains six different bronzing shades (3 matte and 3 shimmer), so you can customise the shade that best suits your skin tone, and if you want a matte or shimmer finish (or do what I do and mix all the shades together for a matte-shimmer finish).The Mineral Glow bronzer comes as a single shade that looks scarily deep in the pan, but is surprisingly wearable on even my pale skin, adding some golden bronze colour to my skin without orange undertones or muddiness.
For those of you that like to combine your skincare with your makeup, you might prefer the Mineral Glow bronzer over the other as it contains skin loving ingredients so your face can be pampered even with a full face of makeup! It contains moisturising shea butter to improve skin elasticity and soothe inflammation, and a ceramide-Retinol complex to hydrate and smooth lines and wrinkles.
Shade wise, I can't tell the difference when applying one to each side of my face. When swatched, I can tell that Mineral Glow is slightly darker, and has a deeper brown/reddish undertone than The Glow Together bronzer, which has more of a golden undertone.

In conclusion, both bronzers work well on my pale skin, and I will continue to use both. As for which I would recommend, I feel like you couldn't go wrong with either, but as they have slight differences I have noted above, I suggest going with the one you feel is best suited to you.

PÜR Cosmetics Eye Polish

I rarely find an eye primer that actually seems to work for me, so when I find a good one I use it to death. I have really been enjoying PÜR's Eye Polish lately, and find it a great multi-purpose product. It is a liquid creamy product packaged in a little pot, that glides easily onto lids to create the perfect base for eye shadows. This gorgeous primer comes in several metallic hues, and can obviously be used as an eye primer to minimise eyeshadow creasing or smudging, but can worn alone as a shimmery lid shade. I received the shade Satin, which is a gorgeous creamy golden nude with hints of metallic pink, and I am really loving this shade worn alone on my lids. I find it super flattery on my lids, and easy to use; I simply apply with my fingers or a brush, and blend (The Polish comes with a silicone applicator, but I don't find it the greatest.) This eye polish is great for days when I want to apply makeup but don't have much time! Highly recommend.


PÜR Cosmetics is available from select MYER stores, and online at Beauty Bay.

*Products provided for consideration, all opinions honest and my own.

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